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Summer Hor

Kick-start summer with a single sip

Summer’s here! And that means one thing… Starbucks is dropping some new seasonal drinks.

This year, we’re introducing some fun, incredible drinks we just know you’re going to love.

For that delicious taste of home, the new Rose Starbucks Doubleshot™ Hot Coffee and Rose Starbucks Doubleshot™ Iced Shaken are a must-try–allowing you to experience the taste of summer in full bloom through two shots of espresso with rose syrup, finished with a rich rose cream foam.

If you’re looking to kick-start your summer with a sip of something fresh, then it doesn’t get fresher than the fragrant and exotic Orange Mango Starbucks Refresha® Drink and the creamy twist of the Tropical Coconut Starbucks Refresha® Drink. Serving up those deliciously fruity yum-in-the-sun vibes while adding a splash of colour to your day.

So what are you waiting for? Embrace the season! Grab yourself some Starbucks and Sip on Summer!

Summer Collage