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Summer Food

Make this your best Summer yet!

Two delicious ways to cool down this Summer – enjoy our very new Mocha Caramel Frappuccino® blended beverage for an indulgent treat. It’s perfect for a mid-week pickup, after a long day of classes, or …any time of day (you deserve it). For a more classic and a favorite way to refresh yourself, go for our Lemon Mint Breeze. With the citrusy notes of lemon, bright bite of mint and musical vibes of the ice sloshing, our Lemon Mint Breeze is sure to make any hot Summer day that much cooler. 

And with every beverage, there’s new delicious food for you to pair it with. 

Some sugar, spice and everything nice, don’t miss out on this line up of new food that you’re going to enjoy this Summer and keep coming back for it…over and over again.